YOGA essentials
Holy Box (turquoise)

Holy Box (turquoise)

The YOGA essentials © Holy Box is a limited edition, beautifully handcrafted box. Each box has its own unique style and soul, and is made with specially sourced fabrics. Place it in your home or put it in your suitcase to take along and make any place you stay at to something special.

All the items inside are ideas and inspirations to help you create your own place; for refueling, for finding peace, to inspire you.

This is what you will find in your
YOGA Essential © Holy Box:

„I am thankful for..... notes“ to fill out at the end of the day. Being thankful is an amazing way to stay in a space of happiness. Keep them next to your bed or in your YOGA Essential © Holy Box

 Lucky Stars to add more luck and love in your life. Keep them for yourself to make a wish or give as a present of love to someone around you.

Gayatri Mantra Card. Repeat this mantra silently or loud to open your heart and inspire wisdom from within.

Ganesha statue. Everyone adores this cute little elephant who both places and removes obstacles in our lives. He is the god of beginnings and helps you to get started with your new projects. He is also the patron of letters and learning and adores intelligence and cleverness.

A paper-flower garland to put around the ganesha statue. Don´t we all love a little beauty around us? It is a worship ritual to put this on someone or something special.

Candles to spark up your sacred space and add some atmosphere.

Pocket Ohmm Mini-Incense Stick for instant relaxation  


108 EUR